Love doesn't make the world go round.

Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.


Franklin P. Jones

My name is Louise, and I am a Strasbourg based Independent French Courtesan offering exceptional and quality encounters for classy and distinguished gentlemen. 


I perfectly reflect the modern French woman, free and freed, who is not afraid to give free rein to her desires and her fantasies. Appearance wise and reserved, I have in my heart a much wilder and daring nature and I represent the perfect combination of charm and sensuality.


Full of charm and mischief, I am a real epicurean. Mother nature has given me a beautiful face and a body made of pretty harmonious curves which I dedicate with delight to pleasure and lust. I am an Independent luxury escort, both accessible and refined, I also know how to be immodest and seductive.


Educated by the trips that I had the chance to make, but also thanks to the fact of having been able to live in different countries, I like elegant, courteous and attentive gentlemen.


Above all passionate about human relations and high-quality ephemeral meetings, I started escorting by simple fantasy and continue today for the pleasure of meetings. Very sensitive and attentive, my services remain classic and are above all intended for a demanding and selective clientele who wishes a meeting based on subtlety and elegance, and not on vulgarity.


If you are a gentleman looking for something really special, then I will be your perfect partner in crime for a quality libertine encounter.   

Your Petite Libertine, Louise


When are you available?

All my availabilities and tourings are indicated on my calendar. I am only available for advanced bookings and do not accept any last minute or same day requests. My rates are for my time and companionship only. ​My personal or professional schedule is quite busy and that's why I will ask you to arrive on time at each of our meetings and to inform me in advance of any potential delay. 

For any Appointment with a new client I will ask you a deposit equal to 15% of the sum of the appointment. This deposit must be made within 24 hours of your request for an appointment. Refusal to make this deposit or seeking to perpetually postpone the filing date will be perceived as a lack of seriousness on your part. The amount of the deposit is of course deducted from the total sum due on the day of the meeting.


This deposit can be done with:

- The purchase of PCS or Paysafecard card (France only)

- Gift Card from Coop or Migros (For Switzerland)

If you come across as being rude, harassing, making various and repetitive changes between the filing date and the upcoming meeting, I reserve the right to cancel our appointment and keep the amount in compensation. I do not refund the deposit in case of cancellation on your part.

What type of meeting do you propose?

I am not in the performance but in the exchange. I need to feel that the person in front of me also wants to seduce me and take care of me. Also, not being a machine, a time of discussion at your/my arrival is essential because this time will allow us to feel both more comfortable.

What is your type of clients?

I prefer educated, polite and courteous +35 clients. If you are younger but you think you have the maturity necessary for a future nice meeting do not hesitate. I do not have any obligation to meet you if your profile does not fit with my expectations.

Discretion and Safety

I ask that you confirm me your arrival the same day of the appointment either by email or by phone. I know you have a busy schedule, but it will allow me to prepare our meeting to make it as unforgettable as possible. ​Discretion is my first priority and I only accept to meet gentlemen who understand and respect my Etiquette. I am an Independent Escort and I am my own Boss. All informations that you provide are strictly confidential and I won't share them to anybody else. 

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